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The All-Ukrainian Pension Fund’s Administrator was registered on January 22, 2004. It specializes in the administration of private pension funds. The all-Ukrainian administrator of pension funds has been working in the market of non-state pension funds since 2004. Today, it administers 9 non-state pension funds, serves 194 thousand participants.

For 15 years of work in the market of non-state pension provision, the All-Ukrainian Administrator of Pension Funds has established himself as a company with a clear position on accounting for pension savings of participants in units of pension assets, as a company that aims primarily to protect the interests of members of non-state pension funds, to preserve pension assets and the provision of pension to future retirees.

Employees of the company were involved as experts by the World Bank on the project ‘Pension Reform in Ukraine’, also acted as experts of the USAID Capital Market Development Project, included in the working groups of the Finance and Banking Committee of the Supreme Council of Ukraine, the National Financial Services Commission, the National Commission on Valuable securities and stock market, the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of Ukraine.

The All-Ukrainian Pension Fund’s Administrator is:

  • the founder of the Ukrainian Association of Pension Fund Administrators, which was the first in Ukraine to receive the status of a self-regulating organization of financial institutions

Associate Member of the European Business Association