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Among other payment service providers in the Asia Pacific region, we have the widest payment processing and settlement network of “Credit Card Acquirers” and “Alternative Methods of Payments” across 16 countries. This enables us to provide merchants, banks and even other payment providers the best combination of payment methods per country based on local infrastructure and consumer preferences.

Besides, we are one of the very few players who are capable of providing local quality payment processing and service support to merchants in 16 countries located in Asia. We’ve specifically designed our payment gateway platform to deliver unparalleled security, customizability, scalability and reliability. We are also one of the few providers in Asia to be Level 1 PCI DSS Certified. Our bank-grade security is recognized by acquiring banks and card associations worldwide.

During past 2yeas, in addition to our continued effort to broaden partnership alliance in the region, we expanded our R&D capacity and our workforce (+18%) considerably. currently 160 employees, on 2017, our transaction volume is USD 12 bln.

HKD 30 billion digital payment processed on 2018, And, we further expanded our operation team with expanded offices in AU(Sydney/Melbourne), TW, IN, HK, MY, ID to well prepared for the coming operation needs. currently we have 17 offices across APAC.

The growing demands of consumers, unarticulated needs, and new requirements can only be met with the application of better solutions. And better solutions come from innovative ideas. With an innovative idea and the goal of transforming the payment landscape in the Asia-Pacific region.