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In 1983, we took a bold step to become the first Islamic bank in Malaysia. Since then, we have been growing as a full-fledged Islamic banking institution with more than four million customers nationwide at present. In addition, we have been recognised as the source of Islamic banking reference and guidance, with the responsibility to grow the industry and bring further advancement to the Islamic financial system.

Right from the start, Bank Islam has lived up to its name by offering pure Shariah-compliant solutions. Through our continuous innovations, we offer a diversified range of solutions that meet our customers’ financial needs. Our structured operations and capable people are dedicated to delivering exceptional banking experience to our customers and supporting them in the moments that matter most. We provide the widest network of dedicated Islamic banking channels with 148 branches and more than 1,000 self-service terminals nationwide.

Our effort to expand our market presence is intensified by our endeavour to build our digital banking capability. We develop strategies and platforms related to Financial Technology (“FinTech”) that will enable us to better connect with our customers, ushering in a new era of banking experience and service excellence. Our continuous digital innovations help us to promote the idea of inclusive growth as we aim at creating more economic opportunities within our business and the communities we operate in, supporting our ongoing efforts to develop the real economy.

Through our strict adherence to Shariah rules and principles, we have earned a reputation as an ethical and trustworthy banking institution. Our commitment to upholding strong corporate governance has ensured that we consistently make the right decisions in looking after the best interest of our stakeholders.

Being a fully Shariah-compliant organisation, our ingrained values and principles have instilled upon us a sense of responsibility in ensuring the well-being of the society and natural environment. Through our community engagement programmes, we have been instrumental in uplifting the lives of needy communities as well as preserving our precious natural ecosystem.

Today, Bank Islam is taking another step forward as we assume our responsibility to strengthen the role and impact of Islamic finance. By adopting the principles of Value-based Intermediation (“VBI”) as advocated by Bank Negara Malaysia, we commit ourselves to becoming a responsible financial institution that is dedicated to upholding the shared values of integrity, inclusivity and sustainability. As we embark on this journey, Bank Islam is building a sustainable future that promotes inclusive economic and social progress for our stakeholders, hence, providing solutions that deliver value.