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The National Gas Transmission Company, “TRANSGAZ” S.A., established based on Governmental Decision no. 334/28 April 2000, is the Romanian legal person operating as a trading joint-stock company, under the Romanian legislation and its By-laws.

"TRANSGAZ"S.A. aims at the achievement of the national strategy on:

  • transmission
  • international transit
  • natural gas dispatching
  • Research-design in the field of natural gas transmission by performing, under the Romanian legislation, commercial deeds proper to its object of activity agreed in its By-laws.

For the support of the main object of activity "TRANSGAZ" S.A. may complementary perform other related activities, in compliance with the legislation in effect and with its own By-laws, except for the purchasing and trading of natural gas from domestic production or import.

“TRANSGAZ” S.A. is the technical operator of the national gas transmission system and it is responsible for its operation under quality, safety, efficiency and environmental conditions.


The company intends to become an internationally recognised gas transmission operator, a leader on the energy market in the region, with a modern national gas transmission system, integrated at European level and a very competitive management system.


SNTGN TRANSGAZ SA is the technical operator of the National Gas Transmission System (NTS) which ensures the transmission, under safe, efficient and competitive conditions, of over 90% of the natural gas consumed in Romania, in accordance with the EU standards of performance and environment.


As sole technical operator of the Romanian Gas Transmission System, SNTGN TRANSGAZ SA conducts, in accordance with the EU and national standards on quality, performance, environment and sustainable development, the following:

 Domestic and international gas transmission services;

 Dispatching and research – design activities for natural gas transmission.

Currently holding the position of Director General of the Romanian National Gas Transmission Company - TRANSGAZ, Ion Sterian, is an acknowledged name in the energy sector in Romania and the European Union, as well as at an international level.

He joined the company in 2007, as a representative of the major shareholder, the Romanian state - through the Ministry of Economy, in the General Shareholders Assembly and in 2013, he was appointed Chairman of the Transgaz Board of Administration.

Ion Sterian graduated the Oil and Gas University of Ploiesti, being specialized in well drilling and exploitation of oil and gas fields and the Faculty of Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture within the University of Bucharest. He has received a Master’s degree in management and a Master’s degree in management and rural development and has completed training courses in International Relations, all of which award him the perfect profile to run a company like Transgaz.

He has an active background in both energy and corporate management and has held positions of responsibility in different key institutions of Romania. He was Executive Director of the Technical Division within the Autonomous Administration of the Brăila Free Zone, Executive Director of Technical Division of the Autonomous Administration of State Protocol Patrimony; Ion Sterian also held the position of Coordination Director within The Autonomous Administration of State Protocol Patrimony and in 2010 took over the position of State Under-Secretary within the Ministry for Regional Development and Tourism.

Throughout his career, Ion Sterian developed and perfected his professional knowledge on security and corporate governance, international and diplomatic relations and financial management, all of which have a substantial contribution to the efficient development of the company he runs and to the effective implementation of the strategic projects under the assumed Administration Plan.

Under the close coordination of Ion Sterian, Transgaz has been implementing one of the largest and most important natural gas transmission infrastructure development plans in Romania over the past 20 years, with investment projects estimated at 1.9 billion euros.

A charismatic and committed leader, an effervescent personality, Ion Sterian has won the trust and respect of his national and international peers, of European and Romanian institutions and authorities, of the media and of more that 4500 employees.

In recognition of his professional merits and managerial qualities, Mr. Ion Sterian has received numerous awards, diplomas and distinctions in his own name and on behalf of TRANSGAZ, and has been invited to deliver keynote speeches on topics related to the energy sector, to management and corporate governance , to negotiating and financing of complex and major investment projects in the national and European energy infrastructure, and on other subjects regarding the prospects for a sustainable development of the Romanian and European energy sector