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OPERATEC was incorporated in 1996 as a private limited company in Angola by

  • Hélder Cirilo 51% (Angolan)
  • Terry Ray 49% (USA)

OPERATEC has participated in many Infrastructure Projects in Angola from 1996-2004 such as:

  • Sonangol Medical Units
  • Malembo Gas Project
  • Mercury Communications
  • Negotiation of TAAG 747 Aircraft Purchase.

In 2007, the Shareholders decided to start the reorganization process of the company and in 2008 participated in first Bid in Oil & Gas to provide services to Chevron in Blks 0 and 14. Based on Shareholders experiences and organization of the company, Operatec was awarded the Manpower contract to provide Specialized Personnel in Drilling & Completion for Blks 0 & 14.

In 2009, started to provide Diving services in Blks 0 and 14 for IRM.

In 2014, Operatec invested and built O&G and Industrial Safety Training Centre in Cabinda and in the same year decided to buy JAMI which is On and Offshore Maintenance Service and Fabrication company.

In 2017, Operatec invested in H2S equipment to start providing this services in O&G. Operatec is building another O&G and Industrial Safety Training Centre in Luanda that open December 2018.


Provide quality services through the acquisition and development of differentiated technical skills that guarantee the satisfaction of the stakeholders, through the application and fulfillment of the requirements, regulations, which allow the exercise of the activities: Providing specialized labor, training, inspection, repair and maintenance of marine installations.


  • Innovation in processes and working methods;
  • Continuous training of its employees to respond to the growing challenges of the market;
  • The permanent increase of value to the services rendered and the anticipation and identification of new needs of the clients.


Our conduct reflects the highest standards of ethics, based on the principles of honesty and integrity; In the sustained use of resources and preservation of the environment; In simple and clear communication between the various actors in the value chain (top, middle and operational managers); In the transparent, responsible and mutual relationship with third parties (customers, suppliers, State, community and others); In creating an inclusive, multicultural work environment where everyone has the opportunity to demonstrate and develop their skills in order to contribute to the achievement of the desired results.