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Mass Group Holding Ltd. (MGH) is an Iraqi company registered in Cayman Island/U.K with its head office in Amman Jordan established in 1994 but its activities are mainly in Iraq. MGH is composed of seven daughter companies (4 for power,2 for cement and one for Iron and steel) with total number of employees of 2500 mainly skilled people of different disciplines. Mass Group Holding (MGH) started with construction and was investing wide diversity of industrial projects in Middle East Region. In last ten years MGH took new decision that the new trend is adopting large and specialized fields projects for investment. The aim of this new trend is to contribute for building and improving the infrastructure of Iraq particularly and Middle East Region in general. The total cost of our projects is about (8) eight billion USD. During the last 20-30 years Iraq suffered from wars, sanction and arm conflicts which affected its infrastructure seriously. We decided to contribute to the rebuilding of the country by providing some of the basic requirements of its infrastructure in particular: - Power Generation- total production capacity will reach 7000MW. - 100 MW Wind Farm in Tafila- Jordan - Cement