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Diamond Drilling SRL has been established in Australia since 1973, predominantly servicing major works within Australia. The diversity has been systematic as the company gained experience and in association with Australian ground-breaking organizations, Diamond Drilling SRL has been able to expand over the years. The company provides concrete cutting and core drilling to most major construction companies. We have also carried out work on residential homes and properties. As we use the latest methods and technologies, what would normally take many hours of labour to complete, Diamond Drilling SRL would be able to accomplish the same job in a shorter time. With our professional services and years of experience, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Activity Overview:

Demolition activity involves a lot of knowledge, selfcontrol and a long experience. Diamond Drilling SRL can perform controlled demolitions with the latest generation of demolition robots and cutting and removal of structural reinforced concrete elements as well.

Diamond drilling is used when circular holes are required in building elements for pipes, ventilation, cable lugs, chemical anchor holes, nuclear waste etc. The size of the drilled holes can be be tween 16mm - 1100mm in diameter. The grading depths may vary depending on the charging element and the holes position. The maximum depth is 60ml. Cutting with diamond disk. Our company owns Diamond

Cut Diamond Cutting Machines that can attach and cut any concrete element such as a wall, slab, slab, beam, pole or foundation. These cuts can be made up to a depth of 70cm.

Cutting elements can be done with several types of machines such as diamond threads. Diamond Cutting is the most effective way to remove large concrete elements such as foundations, bridges, or to make openings in thick walls. The advantage of cutting diamond wire besides low noise is that theoretically cutting depth is unlimited. Manual cutting with disc harrows and diamond ring. The perfect solution for thicknesses up to 30cm. With these equipments you can manually cut any type of element. The nuts are of several types: Electric or gasoline engine.