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Przedsiębiorstwo Budownictwa Ogólnego DACH BUD is a Polish construction company with a 34-year tradition, managed by Jan Chorostkowski, who founded and developed it into one of the largest development companies in south-western Poland. The beginnings were difficult as the company started its operations in the socialist era, when the authorities of the Polish state did not allow for the development of private business. It was only marketization in 1989 that opened up more possibilities for action. DACH BUD dynamically entered the housing construction market by implementing entire residential and service complexes in the city of Wrocław and the surrounding area. By now the company’s portfolio includes nearly 8 thousand comfortable apartments located in multi-family buildings forming whole housing estates with full technical infrastructure, roads, parking lots and playgrounds for children. Greenery planted by the company adds charm to the housing estates. Bearing in mind residents’ health, DACH BUD builds using healthy ceramic materials. In addition to multi-family housing, the company has built housing estates in a single-family, semi-detached and terraced formula. For more demanding clients, the company handed over an apartment building in a prestigious part of Wrocław, in the immediate vicinity of historic Ostrów Tumski and the Botanical Garden. Currently, DACH BUD is building another two large housing estates. For its activity, the company and president Jan Chorostkowski received a number of prizes and appreciation, including Bronze and Gold Cross of Merit awarded by the President of Poland, “Wroclaw Award” for the entirety of work for the city, “Forbes Diamond” and the honourable title of Business and Business VIP Icons.