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Marymatha Construction Company is a partnership firm and a leading reputed construction company in Kerala Registered in 1992. The registered office of the Company is situated at Muvattupuzha, Ernakulam District. The company has recently received “The International Star of Quality 2017” award from Buisness Initiative Directions based in USA. The floating of this company by the partners of the firm was with the intention of corporatizing their construction contract work business, goals and ambitions in the challenging scenario of globalization and professionalization to ensure quality and efficiency in operations.

The company is very much confident for undertaking any major work because of the proven ability and track record of the partners. The company’s formation was on 01/11/1992, by our visionary Mr. M.P. Cherian, a dedicated and idealistic person, who is the guiding lamp of the company ever since its formation. Company is blessed for becoming a part of the major infrastructure face lift of Kerala in the recent. Many clients preferred company in performing challenging land development works due to the effective methodologies and sophisticated machineries in its hand. The perfect Engineering which reflected in company’s works made its progress faster. Marymatha has its signature in various types of construction sectors, it is a unique company of South India who has experiences in many rare nature of works.

The first step towards the formation of company was made by Mr. M. P. Cherian in 1970 as he started a small contract from irrigation department. On 01/11/1992, the company was formed by the visionary Mr. M.P. Cherian as Managing Partner who led the company through years of hard work and perseverance. The Partnership deed was signed on 01/11/1992 and amended on 01/04/2004. The company became registered on 14/05/1999. During the period of 2000-2001 the turnover was INR 1.19 Crores and then it expanded to INR 27.34 Crores during the period 2007-2008 and now we have crossed the INR 300 Crores target within this short span. We achieved this through the thoughtful perceptions of our Managing Partner Sri. M.P. Cherian and our Partners Sabu Cherian, Sen Cherian, and Sibu Cherian.

The company is engaging in versatile nature of civil construction works such as Barrage Construction,Regulator cum Bridges, Water Treatment Plant, Over head reservoirs, Multi-storied smart green buildings, Land development works, Roads, Protection works in water beds such as Kuttanad paddy fields, etc.