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BQ Contractors Limited is one of national integrated contracting firms providing construction solutions to industrial plants, power and energy sector particularly in oil and gas. We are actively involved in all aspects of construction in mechanical, civil, building and electrical Over the years, we have evolved with the community within which we operate. We have grown to being better in what we do, now aspiring to expand service to East and Southern African market. We have become an equal opportunity employer, training and retaining exceptional talents who are committed to individual growth and diversity. We have enhanced community development initiatives in education, health as well as social and youth sports. As we invite yet another decade of enterprising growth, we glow with innovation and equity knowing that work and commitment is the basis for our success and competitiveness in performance and quality. We are aware that our dedicated collaboration with other industry players will galvanize our growth strategy. We believe that more will be achieved through value investment in our people and modernization of our operations. We are focused on doing the right thing at the right time and in a modern way, inspired to offer a cost effective client experience accompanied with superior satisfaction. Our Key Strength BQ Contractors Limited takes pride in its 20 years practical experience in construction. We have advanced with flexibility and timeliness, effectively delivering quality works in an efficient manner. We collaborate with the client in specific needs at project initiation through execution and commissioning. Our Services ° Mainly Mechanical, Civil, Building and Electrical Works ° Well-Head Connections