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Emerald+ has established since August 2015 by Mrs. CHEA Sophalla, CEO and Founder and registered under the Ministry of Commerce since September2015. Our two international partners, UEMS & Nature Landscapes, have over 30 years of experiences managing and designing landscapes for both private and public building in Singapore. We offer professional services on Property Mangement, Landscaping Management, Interior & Exterior Design, Fresh and Modern office rental, Fully furnished meeting and conferences room. Travelled to around 20 countries in Europe, Asia, and the US, Mrs. CHEA Sophalla has over 15 years of working experiences starting from scratch to be the top-level leader. She has been running 8 companies, which include MOB Cooperation, 360 ads, & events, 360 Printing & Production, Emerald+ Professional Property Management Service, Emerald Hub, Emerald Architect, Your Place International Beauty Center, and Siev Phov Social. She began from an Accountant to Business Development Manager and up to Corporate Director of Business in a leading telecom company in Cambodia. Those experiences can prove that she has knowledge in every aspect of business including accounting, sales, marketing, distribution, business development, operation, and leadership. Sophalla has gained her knowledge in In-Building System and Infrastructure since 5 years ago, and due to her observation on this market, she strongly believes that facilities management standard of buildings in Cambodia still needs to be elevated to a professional level; therefore, she found Emerald+ Professional Property Management Service. Known as best for sealing the deal and taking a great care of customers, she also believes that learning is never an end; thus, she has been working on some intensive courses in Singapore on property management and an online course of New York University on property management as well. In addition, she provides so much care toward her team just like her family, especially she keeps encouraging them to learn and grow with her at the same time. In addition to that she