The Nikolopoulo's family has a tradition in Farming, with more than three generations. The Nikolopoulo's family has a tradition in Farming, with more than three generations involved in it. The father of the family -Konstantinos Ath. Nikolopoulos -was the president of the Farming union of Greece from 1978 till 1982. In 1990, the entrepreneurship altered its brand name into ''Afoi Nikolopouloi Farm S.A.''.The result of this booming was to increase its level of production ,introduce new feeding technologies , create privately owned industrial slaughter and establish a meat specialization packaging line (vacuum packaging and plate packaging ). In1996, the company bought a new industrial building of more than 5500 sq.m. in the area of 80th klm National Road Patras - Pyrgos ,to expand its packaging dynamics . In 2008, the company constructed a redering unit to adapt into shifting needs of environmental protection and conscious. Nowadays, the company continues to practice its expertise, investing both in technologies and labor force, managing to keep up its operating cycle, while increasing its quality levels. In general, the company's positioning is to offer a complete solution to its customers -coworkers through its complete production cycle (Cultivation and Production of Forages -Animal Stock farming-Slaughtering-Packaging).The company operates under certification of ISO9001/2008 & HACCP/ISO22000:2005. Into the premises of the company are also included 1500 hectares of land where animals