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Vice President and Managing Director Anna Kolisz

ANKOL is a family owned trading enterprise managed collaboratively by Anna, Czesław, Eryk and Karolina Kolisz. The company has been present in the aviation industry on the domestic and international markets since 1991.

ANKOL is a leading, private supplier of spare parts, aggregates, consumable items and MRO services for military and civil aviation. Having been granted requisite licenses and certificates, the company fulfills purchase orders for Purchasing Departments of the Polish Ministry of Defense and of countries stretching from South America to the Far East. ANKOL has received a Concession from the Ministry of Interior and Administration for turnover of strategic goods, technologies and services and authorization to participate in tenders of NATO countries. The company fulfills orders for Ministries of Defense all over the world.

ANKOL is a modern company open to innovations and changes. The firm operates on the basis of management systems influencing the improvement of the quality of products and services. The company constantly implements technological innovations rationalizing trading activity to secure a strong and stable brand. Excellent knowledge of the aviation sector and following of global trends in management help to achieve high customer satisfaction, competitive advantage, leader position and strengthen the brand image.