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ilender Perú is a pharmaceutical corporation specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of products related to nutrition, animal health and livestock technology with 30 years of experience in more than 16 countries over the world. ilender has its headquarters in Lima, Peru (Main manufacturing facility and Corporative Office) and operations in countries as Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, México and Central América. In 2016 we opened our offices in China and recently we have started distribution of our products in Spain, the Middle East and Canada. ilender produces its own line of products and brands which are elaborated, monitored and subject to rigorous quality control programs. We also have the trust of exclusive distribution of the brands of our international suppliers from several countries as Germany, United States, France, Mexico, Holland and Argentina so we can guarantee a complete portfolio for all of our client’s needs. To proof that, we have exclusive technical consultants who are in charge of giving a specialized advisory to each of our clients and assure their best results. With our defined values of spirit of service, commitment, ethics and respect, we have our focus on satisfying the needs of our customers with solutions that generate value, we look forward to becoming a global company commitment to innovation. With that vision we have made agreements with national and international institutes and universities such as San Marcos University (Peru), North Carolina State University (USA), Universidad Cayetano Heredia (Peru), Universidade federal do rio grande do Sul (Brazil) and Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina (Peru).

With that philosophy of work, and thinking how we can contribute with the communities that surround us and give them back a bit of the support they give us, we designed a project named ilender+FUTURO that is an educational proposal whose main objective is to form good people, citizens who generate value, so we start providing quality education, developing skills in key areas such as mathematics and communications, but putting emphasis on values to make community, that’s why we also work with their parents.

ilender+FUTURO is the result of the sum of wills who look at the horizon with optimism, thinking that the world can become a better place based on teamwork, where the company, the State, Civil society and academics, can go hand in hand to develop their potential in a sustainable way, that's why we decided to work in education.

This program has been validated and recognized by the Educational Ministry of Peru and it has been implemented in four different schools between Lima and Arequipa with the sponsoring not only from ilender but also from other companies of our industry. He have great expectations that next year 2020 will be even better.