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TLM Foot-Knee-Back-Arm Orthotics Center is the first orthotics centre in Singapore. The centre uses bio-mechanical principles to manufacture hand-made orthoses to treat patients with musculoskeletal system conditions due to deformities, sports-related injuries, degenerative diseases and traumatic events. Orthoses can take the form of a brace, splint, orthotic insoles or shoes and no medication or surgery is required during treatment. Our orthotist is responsible for the prescription, manufacture and management of orthoses and has treated more than 20,000 patients in the past 20 years with no complaints.

TLM Foot-Knee-Back-Arm Orthotics Center’s products and services can be applied to the following categories:

1) Sports Medicine

2) Rehabilitation Medicine

3) Physiotherapy

4) Neurology

5) Neurosurgery

6) Orthopaedic Surgery

7) Hand Surgery

8) Pain Management

9) Family Medicine and Continuing Care


TLM Foot-Knee-Back-Arm Orthotics Center manufactures orthotic insoles and orthotic footwear to treat foot, knee and back pain arising from issues related to the musculoskeletal system. Each pair of orthotic insole and orthotic footwear is individually designed and produced based on the analysis of each patient’s foot and body condition. This will help the patient’s body find its ideal balancing position and correcting body alignment to relieve and cure foot, knee and back pain.

Musculoskeletal Healthcare Consultation - Every patient will go through a consultation session during his/her first visit. Our orthotist will examine the patient’s pain area and analyse their X-rays and MRI results to have a better understanding of their condition and advise a suitable treatment. Our orthotist will also explain the different conditions that affect the human musculoskeletal system (bones, joints, muscles and other connective tissues) which cause such problems.

TLM Foot-Knee-Back-Arm Orthotics Center’s orthotist has clinical experience in various medical disciplines, including hand surgery, neurology, orthopaedics, sports medicine and rehabilitation, and is able to analyse X-rays and MRI results.

In September 2014, TLM Foot-Knee-Back-Arm Orthotics Center (company’s brand) and TLM’s footwear factory was setup in A’POSH BIZHUB. This is the first orthotics centre in Singapore and uses bio-mechanical principles to provide musculoskeletal treatments for patients with foot pain, knee pain and back pain.

Till today, TLM Foot-Knee-Back-Arm Orthotics Center is the only orthotics centre in the world that uses bio-mechanical principles to provide medical treatment for deformed foot, knee and back, and integrates medicine with fashion.