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REVITAL HEALTHCARE (EPZ) LTD is a well-established, largest manufacturer of Single use syringes, Needles, Auto disable syringes, Auto disable syringe for fixed dose immunization, Infusion Sets, Blood Collection Tubes, Umbilical Cord Clamp, Suction Catheter, Blood Transfusion Sets and Infant feeding Tubes in East Africa with production capacity of 31 million per month. Now we have started the production of I.V.Cannula, Spinal Needles, Nelaton Catheter, Chest Drainage Catheters, Guedel Airways, Foley Balloon Catheters, Levin Tubes & E.T Tubes with the most modern automatic machines in a CLASS 10,000 clean room environment. REVITAL takes pride in its achievement and reaffirms to meet the needs and requirements of the customers by Offering quality products at all times. The company is Committed to implementing & following Quality Management System and has been accredited with various International Certification Service for CE mark and ISO 13485: 2012, ISO 9001:2008 from ITC (Institute for testing &certification) and WHO-GMP for all products making the entire product range match up to International Quality standards. Also we have WHO PQS (Performance, Quality, and Safety) for 2ml 3part AD, 2ml 2part AD 5ml 3part AD, 5ml 2part AD, 0.5ml AD,10ml 3part AD and10ml 2part AD. Our uncompromising commitment in achieving and maintaining the highest standards of production and quality has earned as recognition by the Government of the Republic of Kenya as evidenced by the