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This company was set up by Mr. KD Kehr in 1970 to manufacture surgical blades. We have now been manufacturing for 47 years and currently export to 80 countries. We pioneered the production of surgical blades in India. The company was borne with a vision to produce premium quality products for our consumers. Aditya Dispomed is a 100% Export Oriented Unit with a state of the art facility. Our key products are surgical blades, disposable scalpels and safety scalpels. The key raw materials and consumables are sourced from reputable European and American Suppliers, which helps us to maintain our quality standards. In 2004, we launched our patented safety scalpel. This safety scalpel with a retractable sheath safety was our way to be at the forefront of new developments in our industry globally to meet the growing demand for safety medical devices. We have always stressed the importance to maintain high quality standard for our products through continuous improvements in machines and investments in new high technology machines. In 2010, in response to surgeons responses from all over the word for a stronger blade, we launched our patented safe back blade. After rigorous testing, we were able to ascertain that this blade is the strongest blade in the world. The company has always believed in growth through capital investment in machines and technology as improving quality and maintaining it for each blade as the only foolproof path to growth.