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Attelia Oral & Dental Health Centre have been serving international patients since 2000 for different types of dental treatments. Attelia adopts as a principle to provide patients with optimum and excellent dental treatment services and follows the latest technology and innovations to achieve the best dental treatment in Turkey.

Located in the city centre of Antalya, Attelia Oral and Dental Health Center is the best dental clinic in Antalya and dental centre in Turkey. That follows the latest ways of dental treatments by using the most advanced technological devices. An exceptional technology is used in our centre including a 3D Tomography machine that allows us to plan Dental Implants with Guided Surgery (Implants without surgery), by using international brands, you will get the best dental implants all over Turkey. CEREC Technology; Veneers, Crowns, and Porcelain Restorations can be done during 30mins. It saves time that is why your dental treatment will be much easier on you and you will have enough time to enjoy your holiday.

Attelia Oral and Dental Health Center has a physical infrastructure and a fully equipped operating room to safely administer general anaesthesia.

In the heart of Antalya city Attelia Oral & Dental Health Center, provides the optimum and quickest dental treatment services for international patients from outside Turkey with state-of-the-art technological facilities including volumetric dental tomography, software for digital implant planning, Ray-Set device used for surgical guides, Cerec device, laser devices, and a wide range of surgical instruments. Our major advantages mainly include: Using volumetric dental tomography and software for implant planning.

Furthermore, we prepare full-porcelain veneer crowns or laminates within 1 or 4 days with Cerec device depending on the number of teeth and create your smile you’ve dreamed of and have your teeth done in Antalya, Turkey while you are having your holiday.ф