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  • JIVADHARA is a new medical treatment
  • Jivadhara is a combination of Chinese originated acupuncture and italian originated Electro homeopathy
  • Sr. Mary Eassy MD (AM). PhD is the founder and pioneer of Jivadhara.
  • Jivadhara is a Sanskrit term which means "Continuous flow of life" When flow of life is steady and uninterrupted there is no illness.
  • Jivadhara ensure the flow of life by removing all the blockages in the channels and impurity or vitiation in the blood and lymph.


  • Acupuncture and Electro homeopathy are based on the principle of polarity
  • Acupuncture treatment helps to create balance in the vital energy and Electro homeopathy brings balance in the vital fluid.
  • So both treatment together can sustain the human body in complete balance.
  • The Combination of these two treatments helps the patients to enjoy a wholesome life.
  • This is the Core of Jivadhara.

Merits & Benefits

  • Both Electro homeopathy and acupuncture is a natural form of treatment hence doesn't have any side effects.
  • Jivadhara treatment makes increase the immunity in human body.
  • Jivadhara treatment is affordable when compared to other treatment methods available.
  • Jivadhara treatment is the only one treatment in the world available for incurable diseases & disorders
  • Jivadhara Treatment make increase the Intelligence Quotient(IQ)level

Mode of the Treatment

Electro homeopathy medicines are give continuously during the treatment and acupuncture course be given as 1 course of 12 continuous day with 15 days gap in between each course, then we support physiotherapy, speech therapy, Behavior therapy, music therapy etc.