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"The Research-Clinical Center for Cardiac Surgery and Transplantology" LLP is large-scale cardiac surgery and cardiological center of innovative orientation specialized in promoting innovations in heart surgery through development, introduction and transfer of new technologies into medical settings. The center possesses a powerful material-technical base, with high scientific-practical and educational potential, established moral and ethical traditions, provided with highly qualified scientific , teaching and practical staff (Doctors of Medical Sciences, Professors, Candidates of Medical Sciences, Doctors of PhD, Masters of Medicine, Doctors of the highest qualification category), with experience in working with foreign partners and in organizational-methodological work on circulatory system diseases. Annually the center performs more than 600 open-heart surgeries, which include following technologies: LVAD implantations, CABG, valve replacements, complex pediatric,interventional, thoracic, kidney transplant surgeries and etc.In addition, "The Research-Clinical Center for Cardiac Surgery and Transplantology" provides highly qualified medical service for patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome.


  • The Center introduced into its practice a comprehensive concept of 4-unity. The new concept integrated 4 principal directions of medical activity of the Center (Clinical work, Scientific work, Educational work and Organizational-Methodological work).
  • Organized modern HLA laboratory to assess histocompitability of transplant pairs
  • Deviced socially orientated program called"Taza Zhurek"(Clean Heart) aimed for early diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases in rural areas of the country"
  • The Center was successfully accredited by National Medical Accreditation Organization


  • The Center organized II International conference on Chronic Heart Failure with participation of international speakers from India, Japan, Pakistan etc.
  • Published Special isssue (Thesis book) of the "Journal Cardio-Vascular System" dedicated to II International conference on Chronic Heart Failure.
  • The Center becomes the Center of Medical tourism for patients with needs in kidney transplantation and implantation of LVAD after signing the agreement with international medical organizatons from Turkey
  • The Center performed 13 kidney tranplant surgeries including international patients
  • Working on development of heart, liver, lung and pancreas transplant programs
  • The Center for the firtst time successfully implanted LVAD to the patient with EF of 15%. LVAD is served as a bridge to heart transplantation
  • The Center is now preparing for International JCI accredation
  • The Center is now developing Stem Cell Transplant program aimed for patients diseased with cancer and heart problems. For this purpose, a new Stem Cell Laboratory will be organized, in which stem cells will be produced
  • Socially orientated project "Taza zhyrek" (Clean Heart),the main goal of which was development and scientific substantiation of clinical-organizational technologies for early diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases in rural residents of Zhambyl region and the country
  • Now devising Public Fund to help people with needs in kidney,heart tranplant and LVAD implantation

The Center constantly introducing in its practice new innovative medical technologies. Among them are:

  • Off pump myocard revasculariozation technology
  • Correction of septal defects of the heart using thoracoscopic technology
  • Kidney tranplant surgeries
  • Implantation of LVAD
  • MICS
  • Optimization of blood saving technologies in cardiosurgery aiming for optimization of blood saving technologies with a maximall reduction of donor blood and its components usage up to performing non-blood surgeries
  • Organization of perinatal and neonatal diagnosis of congenital heart pathologies of cardiovascular system in children and performance of early provisional cardiosurgical treatment aiming for optimization and implementation to clinical practice of integrated program for early detection of congenital heart defects during intraneonatal and perinatal periods, and emergence and planned cardiosurgical care for newborns
  • Acute and chronic heart failure program aiming for development of optimized program of treatment measures, designation of protocols for preventive surgical interventions, pretranplantational preparation
  • Application of ECMO for support of heart and lung functions
  • Application of Multifiltrate devices for patients with acute kidney failure
  • Carotid angioplasty
  • Angioplasty of the left coronary artery
  • Uterine artery embolization

- Prostate embolization