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Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of


PHI Healthcare Center Skopje-Skopje is the biggest public health institution in the Republic of Macedonia with total number of 1139 employees, 830 of whom are healthcare personnel and 309 are administrative and technical personnel. By integrating the several Healthcare centers in the years of 1970/71, and on the basis of the experiences and the initiative of the World Health Organization, into one Healthcare Center of Skopje, foundations were laid of a new system of organizing the health care in the Republic of Macedonia. Healthcare Center Skopje provides primary healthcare (emergency medical assistance, home visit, services on duty), preventive healthcare (vaccination and general medical examinations), as well as specialist and consultative healthcare on the territory of the city of Skopje, covering total area of 1.858 km2, which includes 10 urban and 7 suburban municipalities. The healthcare activity is provided in 58 facilities on the territory of the City of Skopje, 11 of which are polyclinics and 47 are outpatient clinics. The organization of the Center