An Agelong Experience in Health Care -since 1881- Ankara Numune Training and Research Hospital (ANEAH) is the largest public hospital that runs under the Turkish Ministry of Health.  ANEAH is affiliated with the University of Health Sciences. ANEAH has 982 bed capacity including 81 in the intensive care unit. Specialization trainings are provided for 34 specialties and health care services are provided in 42 specialties. In our hospital, every single day, we serve over 7500 patients in ambulatory care and approximately 600 patients are provided emergency medical services.  300 surgical operations are performed daily and total number of staff is 3731. ANEAH has many specialty centers. ANEAH has a human-centered health service delivery approach in line with the health policies of the Turkish Ministry of Health. Within this approach, artistic and social activities are carried out that gives, with holistic treatment principles, psycho-social morale besides medical treatment.