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  • Founded in 1935 under the Law passed in the bicameral Parliament and promulgated by the King of Romania (3745/1.11.1937) - Prof. DANIEL DANIELOPOLU, MD,PhD (the 1 st general secretary).
  • Closed in 1948 by the communist regime.
  • Reestablished under the Law 264/2004 passed in the bicameral Parliament and promulgated by Presidential Decree.
  • The institution has contributed to the development and progress in the field of Romanian medicine.
  • For eight decades, the Academy of Medical Sciences was an instance of academic excellence, of training, affirmation and promotion of personalities with a high intellectual and scientific level.
  • Several main activities are carried out by the Academy of Medical Sciences in Romania: Health Politics, Medical Research, Medical Ethics and Medical Education.
  • President: Prof.Mircea Ifrim, MD,PhD
  • Vice-Presidents: Prof. Dan Mircea Enescu, MD,PhD; Prof.Mircea Beuran, MD,PhD; Prof. Virgil Paunescu, MD,PhD
  • General Secretary : Prof. Emanoill Ceausu, MD,PhD
  • Tighter collaboration with Physicians College–first common publication ‘Modern Medicine’ (Stefan Heel, Noble Prize winner, President of Editorial Board).
  • ‘Journal of Translational Medicine and Research’ – exclusive publication.
  • Collaboration with “Brain Networking” Foundation (USA).
  • Developing and boosting international relations (France, Malaysia, Moldavia, European Federation of Medical Academies, International Federation of Medical Academies.

• In the last two years, the Vice President Prof. Dan Mircea Enescu participated at two working group IAP statement: „A call for action to declare trauma as a disease” and „Furthering the fight against falsified and substandard medical products”