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1963-Started as Sanatorium-in diagnosis and treatment of  tuberculosis diseases

1982  University Hospital of Lung Diseases and thoracic surgery

2014  University Hospital “Sh.Ndroqi” :

Lung diseases make up 65%of activity

Thoracic  general surgery unit care  cardiology internal medicine make up 35% of activity

Total beds 193

Total number of admissionson on 2018  7359 11% more than 2017

Total number of visits in emergency unit 16101 36% more than 2017

Total number of out patients visits 11407  7%more than 2017

Avarage length of stay  8.4 day

Bed occupancy rate     86.6%

Bed turnover rate         34.3

Bed turnover interval     1.2 day

On January 2017 underwent accreditation process for 5 years being the only public university hospital accredited.

On December 2017  the Government of Albania awarded the Head of University Hospital Prof.Perlat Kapisyzi THE WORKING BEE –as the best manager of year.