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Tanzania, United Republic of


Established in December 2011 with qualified, experienced and talented medical men and women and equipped with the latest technology medical & diagnostic machinery.  The concept was to provide an honest, European standards medical service at Tanzanian prices without unnecessary, excessive investigations or prescriptions. 

The concept caught on and we enjoy an excellent reputation and trust from the people in Tanzania.  We offer the following services:

  1. GP Consulting (Twelve General Practitioners)
  2. Physician Consulting (Three Internal Medicine Physicians)
  3. Gynaecology Services (Six gynaecologists)
  4. Pediatric Services (Three Pediatricians)
  5. Surgical Services (One General Surgeon and several visiting Surgeons in various disciplines from India)
  6. ENT Services (Two ENT specialists working part-time and doing surgeries)
  7. Dental Services
  8. Part-time Pulmonologist and Gastroenterologist
  9. Physiotherapy (Three physiotherapists)
  10. Endoscopy – Olympus (Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy)
  11. X-Ray; Ultrasound and ECG
  12. One of the best laboratories in Tanzania
  13. Three Pharmacies
  14. Labor room
  15. Two x Operation theatres

Since 2012 we regularly invite super specialist surgeons from India in various disciplines and they do major operations right here at Sanitas, making overseas travel unnecessary for procedures like knee and hip replacement; head & neck surgeries; TURP and various complex reconstructive surgeries for burn cases and a lot, lot more…

Tanzanians from all over the nation come to Sanitas for various surgeries. We have done over 7,500 surgeries – major and minor - in the past four years without a single incident – a perfect record that may be a first and only one in the country.  At the fifth annual African Health Summit held in London in March 2018, Sanitas was awarded a plaque for being the hospital offering the “Best Healthcare Pathway in Africa”

The Ministry of Health has ranked us as a “Four Star” Hospital – one among the very few to have received four stars.  No hospital received five stars.

In 2018 KPMG & Mwananchi Communications included Sanitas Hospital among the top 100 medium sized businesses in Tanzania.  We ranked 42.

This year we plan to establish an ICU and four more theatres capable of doing open heart bypass surgeries; organ transplants; neuro and spinal surgeries and major oncology procedures and provide Tanzanians with an avenue right here for all their healthcare needs.  30 beds will become 50 to 60 beds.

In 2015 a patient with filarial lymphedema walked in when our reconstructive surgeon, Dr Subramania Iyer was visiting.  He agreed to offer exceptionally concessional treatment and surgery in his hospital in India which set the ball rolling for our charitable arm – “Sanitas Medical Foundation” - through which we have become the only hospital in Tanzania offering lymphatic manual drainage to people affected by this ailment, followed by a reduction surgery and eventually a nodo-venous shunt surgery free to those who cannot afford to pay.  We also train men and women in other hospitals all over the nation on MLD so that they may offer this service in their region.