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Dr. Y.K.Khanna is a Surgeon, passed out M.S.in 1982 and after doing 7 years of government job he established his own setup, being the first surgical centre in Ajmer district, at Beawar. He was awarded 5 Gold Medals for the Best Research Paper presentation in Surgical Conferences of Rajasthan. He earned his first Gold Medal while he was a student of surgery and during his residency he pioneered and presented original research work in Primary Closure of Pyogenic abscesses sp. Injection abscess and big lactational breast abscess. He is author of 46 research papers which are published in various surgical journals worldwide. He also presented his various research papers in national conferences which were highly appreciated. His research work in big pyogenic abscesses eg.

Injection abscess, lactational breast abscess, abdominal wall abscess and haemorrhoids, piles, fissure, fistula, peptic vs. enteric perforation, vasectomy and tobacco and lower limb ischaemia, Doppler pressure index, pulse oximetry in lower limb ischaemia etc were well appreciated.He was awarded Best Doctor in Medgate Award-- at Delhi ,Excellence Award in Bombay in 2016 along with many state and National Awards. He is Chairman of JMD Charitable Trust which is working on the basic principles of Swasthya, Sports and Sanskriti. Under the banner of JMD Charitable Trust Dr. Khanna organized more than 1000 Free Medical Camps providing health checkups, medical checkup and providing the speciality and super-speciality medical services. Dr. Khanna is a great lover of sports and organized and sponsored many a sports events in Ajmer district in Rajasthan.