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Academic Hospital is centrally located in the heart of Istanbul and continues to rise in the healthcare industry with its strong, professional, unchanging academic team that makes a difference. As the family of Academic Hospital offering healthcare services at global standards, we strive to offer the cutting-edge diagnosis and treatment capabilities to our patients in all areas with our professional and scientific team, our modern equipment and infrastructure.

A “first” in Turkey: Partnership of the Foundation and Doctors.

Founded under The Foundation of Marmara University Faculty of Medicine (MUTFV), Academic Hospital has operated continuously since 1997. Our hospital has more than 60 valuable professors in various main and sub-departments. Besides that, we have 29 attending physicians with proven success and 300 staff, most of whom have been working in our organization for more than a decade.

Cooperation of Academic Hospital and Harvard Faculty of Medicine

Our hospital signed a cooperation agreement with Harvard Faculty of Medicine in February 2012. With this agreement our patients, by means of our attending physicians, can get professional support in their diagnosis and treatment process from Partners Health Care, which is an operator of large hospital systems under the Harvard Faculty of Medicine in the US.

Integrated Quality Management System

Our hospital embraces the principle of offering modern, scientific, current, ethical and legal healthcare services with a dynamic management approach that supports continuous education. We always show ultimate attention to use state of the art medical instruments and technology to our patients.

Today, we become more powerful with our new additional building opened in the presence of President of the Republic of Turkey and the Minister of Health. We now take care of our patients in the additional building that has 20.000 m2 area.