Op?ta bolnica Leskovac - General hospital Leskovac for almost 108 years provides healthcare for the population in Leskovac city and its surrounding. First hospital in Leskovac district was founded in November 1909 and had three small hospital buildings. First building for the internal and surgical ward, second for contaginous ward, and in third was a ward for mental patients observation. From 1909 to 1945 the hospital had 42 beds for its patients. In the year 1958 hospital works under name General hospital Mo?a Pijade with 142 beds. Initiative for construction of new hospital building comes after two years by the hospital director. Construction was completed in 1973. and one year after Medical center Mo?a Pijade arose. From 1989 the hospital was part of Health center Leskovac to 2007. when it starts to work like independent healthcare institution by the name Op?ta bolnica Leskovac - General hospital Leskovac. Op?ta bolnica Leskovac - General hospital Leskovac with 795 beds provides healthcare for a population of Jablanica district (about 250.000 people). It provides health care for all ages suffering from various diseases.