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Czech Republic


ANTI-AGING BIOTECH CLINIC is a clinic that employs new approaches to solving the ageing problem. This clinic was created as a logical conclusion of a ten-year-old stem cell usage experience in medicine by BioPro Stem Technology. Not only BioPro Stem Technology has founded this clinic but it also transferred its’ vast experience and technologies to it.

ANTI-AGING BIOTECH CLINIC offers a revolutionary approach to dealing with ageing. The main idea is the utilization of unique regenerative functions of a patient’s own stem cells with an immediate effect on all organs and systems. As we know, as a person ages, their organs not only lose their function but also shrink in size. This, in turn, leads to so-called “diseases of age”. Usual medicinal approaches cannot solve these problems. Only modern, stem cell-based biotechnological solutions force organs to regenerate. They are capable of slowing down ageing. These solutions, based on molecular mechanisms of stem cell application not only “remove” diseases of age but actually stop ageing altogether.

Due to this innovative approach to anti-ageing,  ANTI-AGING BIOTECH CLINIC is a leading player in the industry, being fundamentally different from usual ANTI-AGING centres, that focus on person’s appearance and not addressing the reason for the ageing process.

Clients of our clinic remain healthy and active longer than their peers, which facilitates their gratitude and loyalty. This, in turn, inspires us to improve the efficacy of our methods and find new ways to practically apply biotechnologies for the benefit of others.