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Centar for aesthetic surgery dr.Zgaljardic is providing highest standard with two Day surgery clinics located in Croatia, Opatija and Zagreb. Owner assist.prof.Zoran Zgaljardic is cheaf surgeon who has been nominated between 100 Top surgeon of the World in 2008, Columbia- IACS . Ivonne Zgaljardic ,daughter is also surgeon in the same clinic. It is family buissines. Our goal is individual approach to clients , including postoperative care in Villa Elite Opatija after the COSMETIC SURGERY operations.

Private aesthetic surgery under ass.prof Z.Zgaljardic this year has been celebrating 20 years of private practes.

2018 Clinic was awarded in Brussel as Best medical practises in Golden category, and by WMO awarded with GOLDEN MEDAL for quality and service.

In 2017 by EBA, and BIZZ was also awarded for high quality of service.

Dr.Zgaljardic is also visiting consultant surgeon in Dubai, offering also to clients- travelling - medical tourism in Croatia.

Clinic was leader in implementing new , safe, minimal invasive technology like laser liposuction, and noninvasive body shaping.

Present as invited speaker around the world in field of aesthetic surgery, showing a results of clinic, and in the same tie teaching a new technique in our clinic.

Our goal is to satisfy patients.