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In La Ver? we integrate all scientific methods of comparative and proven effectiveness, to diagnose and treat all ailments by preventing and curing benign and malignant degenerative diseases, with a result of between 60 and 87% of effectiveness. We have the latest technology and we put it at your fingertips. Our staff is highly qualified and able to offer you confidentiality, neutrality, and security. All of this in one place with its own parking, comfortable and elegant environment, specially designed to give you attention and services of high international level. The clinic air is monitored and treated daily to make it 100% healthy, free from contamination. We carry out an initial and final evaluation of individuals, based on universal principles and laws discovered to date, with professionals and appropriate technologies to achieve people-oriented results, to achieve more and better lives. In La Ver? we have research protocols in basic sciences, biology, chemistry, biostatistics, physics and pharmacology; in addition we are entering into the research of molecular and general immunology. We know that we are the result of our environment, so we investigate energy, water, air, flora and the bio-balance of all these elements. We have international and local consultants and researchers who provide valuable assistance in validating and / or improving our research, diagnosis and treatment protocols, always focused on achieving human-oriented results. Our main goal is for people to have a longer and fuller life.