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Tbilisi State Medical University (TSMU) with its centuries old history is the highest medical educational institution in Georgia. Presently, more than 2400 foreign students from 71 countries study at TSMU including EU countries, USA and UK. TSMU is a full member of European Higher Education Area. International recognition, harmonization with international standards and increasing of international authority is one of the key priorities of TSMU. TSMU implemented joint international programs: American MD Program developed with Emory University (USA); Bachelor and Master Degree programs in public health and management with UniMan Academy of Management and Performance (France); Joint educational program with Western Educational Center of Tyrol Clinic Association (AZW). In 2011-2014 TSMU participated in TEMPUS project -Modernization of Postgraduate Medical Education in EU Eastern Neighborhoods (MUMEENA), considered to be the most successful project by EU. Presently, TSMU has partnered with more than 120 universities and university clinics from more than 40 countries around the world. With the special program TSMU invites the leading professors from universities of US, EU, UK, etc.  Within the program, since 2012 up to 500 professors have given thematic lectures, consultations and charity activities. In May 2019, European Association for Medical Education (AMEE) has opened a regional office at TSMU which made Georgia an international center for medical education.  Educational programs, qualified professions, effective management, internationalization of education and activities, modern educational research infrastructure and university clinics are the key factors to grow the success of TSMU in the international arena.