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Kainar Academy is the university of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which is highly rated and is included in the TOP-20 Higher Educational Institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan evaluated by the Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating. The high position in the rating reflects the national prestige and professional level of the faculty and graduates. Academy has a modern educational and scientific base.

Kainar Academy is located in the business center one of the greenest megacities of the world, in historical capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Almaty. The convenient location of the student campus makes it easy to get to the university on any type of transport: bus, trolleybus, metro.

Kainar Academy makes efforts in order to allow her graduates to become leaders in the fields of knowledges they choose. The aim of the academy is to teach her graduates to work for the benefit of the country and society. Employment of graduates is more than 90% per year.

Kainar Academy is one of the first universities of the Independent Kazakhstan. Among the employees of the Academy are the most deserved scientists of Kazakhstan, having high international authority in their fields of knowledge.

The structure of Kainar Academy includes a huge scientific library, with an access to the world-famous libraries; student dormitory in the city center; youth affairs committee, which organizes daily leisure for students and 5 departments offering bachelor, master and PhD programs. Classes at Kainar Academy are held in Kazakh, Russian and English.

The students of the academy have the opportunity to study in perfect conditions being supported by faculty. Graduates of the academy have everything which is necessary for achieving success in this rapidly changing world. The Academy is characterized by a spirit of partnership and caring of each student. It helps her students to achieve their goals.