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Bachelor Study programmes:
1. Cynology
2. Safety of feeds and foodstuffs
3. Man-animal relationship and its use in canistherapy and hippotherapy
4. Animal Science (joint study programme with Nord University in Bodø, Norway) in English language Second degree Study programmes (magister):
5. Pharmacy
6. The market and quality of foodstuffs Doctoral Study Programme (DVM):
7. General Veterinary Medicine in Slovak and English language Accredited PhD study programmes at the 3rd level of higher education in slovak and english language (“philosophiae doctor“, abbreviated as „PhD“):
1. Food hygiene
2. Veterinary morphology and physiology
3. Internal diseases of animals
4. Veterinary surgery, orthopaedic and radiology
5. Veterinary obstetrics and gynaecology
6. Infectious diseases of animals
7. Parasitic diseases of animals
8. Forensic and public veterinary medicine
9. Nutrition of animals and dietetics
10. Animal hygiene and environment
11. Microbiology
12. Virology
13. Immunology
14. Neuroscience