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The Universidad Nacional de R?o Negro is a public and autonomous higher education institution created by National Law in December, 2007. Immediately after, it embarked itself on the design and implementation of the institutional project, so as to become an entrepreneurial university, which means, among other things, the capacity to answer to the demands of the vast territory in which it is inserted. In that sense, the Universidad Nacional de R?o Negro has as aim the humanistic formation of its students, the collaboration for the development of a just society, the creation of a permanent and relevant link with the society and its participation in the establishment of a genuinely competitive economy. It is located in the province of R?o Negro, in the Argentine Patagonia, and its different sites cover all the regions of the province. The Andean site is located in the majestic Patagonian Andes, with its lakes, forest and white mountains; it has an array of degrees that encompasses administration, tourism, environmental, humanities and exact sciences. The Higher and Middle Valley site offers degrees in the areas of design, food, cattle production, natural sciences and commerce, taking advantage of the agricultural and industrial characteristics of that area upon the Negro river. The Atlantic site, located on the shore of the ocean, is home of undergraduate and graduate degrees related to administration, services, education and agronomy. The Universidad Nacional de R?o Negro carries on its activities emphasizing science as source of knowledge, excellence as only accepted result, innovation as necessary activity for progress and associativity as creator of synergy between the new and the old, the global and the local. In this respect, the Universidad Nacional de R?o Negro has a priority to go with the production and diffusion of science, technology and culture, to support sustainable development, encouraging the promotion of values, cultural forms and the study of the world, Argentina and R?o Negro