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The Owls’ Nest International School is a child centred environment, where every student matters.

Primary school education should be an enriching experience that inspires a life-long love of learning and enquiry. We encourage and enable our children to think independently, to be confident in their own abilities and to develop into individuals who are caring and confident. Small classes, individual attention, sound preparation and a happy but hardworking atmosphere are included in the overall philosophy of the school.

Education Director and Founder of Owl’s Nest International School. Since its inception in Accra, the Owl’s Nest School has grown to become one of the top 20 elite schools in Ghana, all thanks to founder and education director Amina B. Plummer’s vision to creating a learning environment, which blends traditional and contemporary ideas about nursery and primary education in the 21st Century. The Owl’s Nest International School is committed to providing an excellent education and fostering a spirit of international awareness and understanding.