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It is our pleasure to introduce you to our Empathy schools of Eve Empathy World Wide Education which is based in Germany. Empathy Schools are best described as a family because it captures the approach we take and the benefits of our structure. Just like a healthy family, we share a common ground; supporting one another, sharing values, and a name while each family member is unique. There is a bond and structure to Empathy Schools across the country that makes each school stronger, more secure, and more aligned in vision, purpose, and methods. We are proud of the international culture we have created here, which is designed to respond to the new educational imperatives of globalization, technology, and the development of each child’s creativity. Our schools are for families who believe that education must address these imperatives while preserving essential values from the past. Empathy Schools are, on a small scale, a universe harboring students from various countries and a place where all issues disappear and where there is a friendly atmosphere. We believe that all our students and staff are unique. We think it is important to value others, not only for who they are or what they can do for us. We believe relationships are fundamental to the development, and fulfillment of ourselves and others as well as the community.

We value truth, freedom, justice, human rights, and law and collective effort for the common good. We value families as sources of love and support for all their members, and as the basis of a society in which people care for others. We believe the environment, both natural and shaped by humanity, is a basis of life and a source of wonder and inspiration.