With 40 year experience. He completed his professional studies  at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and he specialized in hazardous waste at Carl Duisberg in Berlin, he also studied chemistry at the University of Technology in Munich, both in Germany. He majored in Public Health by the Mexican Social Security and a Master Degree in Sustainable Development by AIU School of Science and Engineering in the USA. He is a National Advisor for Sustainable Development of SEMARNAT. Advisor of the Water Condominium Council and the Governing Body of “El Bosque of Chapultepec”. Member of the Mexican Society of Geography and Statistics and of The World Future Society, chapter Mexico.

Mr. Guerra heads Institute for the Advancement in Environmental Research, INAINE, A.C. since 1985, for which he has coordinated and participated in various large-scale environmental projects such as The Environmental Impact Assessment of the New Airport in Mexico City. He received the “Washington  Climate Institute award” along with Dr. Mario Molina, Nobel Prize in Chemistry; he received the prize “Beyond War” from the Norwegian Government; The Local Mexico City Award” from the government, “Alexander Von Humboldt Award” from that university; and “The National Prize for Ecological Achievement 2009”.

He has written several books among which stand out “Water and Energy in Mexico City”; “Water and Hydrology in the Mexico Valley Basin”; “Our Daily Air”;  “Rescue of the Gulf of Mexico”; “The Quetzal Plan”;  and “A New Airport for Mexico City”.

Mr. Guerra started the concept of environmental communication in 1985, with the creation of a radio program named  “Ecocide” which was the first radio debate space on sustainable development in Mexico. From that moment he has been a radio and television communicator in media such as Radio Center Group; Televisa; TV Azteca; Green TV; The Educational Television General Direction of the Department  of Public Education as well as the newspapers Reforma and La Crónica. Additionally, he has also been invited by countless media that consider him the environmental spokesman for Mexico.

His art of communicating is a constructive and critical criticism that seeks to improve human consciousness about the environment globally under the philosophy of transforming society’s habits towards sustainable development though sharing successful examples of business, people and institutions that implement best practices for them and their stake holders.