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Main achievements in 2017-2018:

  • 6 year in a row we successfully pass the Performance of educational institutions of higher education Monitoring held by the Russian Ministry of Education and Sciences;
  • According to the results of the evaluation of physical culture universities in terms of indicators of external monitoring of the project 5-100, our institute ranks the 92nd place out of 193 universities. And the 5th place among the universities of the Russian Ministry of Sports;
  • The students became diplomats and laureates of the International Scientific and Practical Conference "European Research" and the 6th International competition "The best scientific article" in 2017;
  • We are the developers of the Federal standard on mas-wrestling in 2018. The work was ordered by the Republic Center of National Kinds of Sports named after V.Manchaary and was sent to the Russian Ministry of Sports for verification;
  • From 2018-2020 we are making a research "Development of science-based proposals for the use of special exercises of national sports in training of athletes of basic sports of Yakutia”, on the example of national sports "Mas-Wrestling”, "Hapsagay", "Yakutsk national jumps" ordered by the Russian Ministry of Sports;
  • Our Volunteers Centre is a member of Russian Volunteers Centre. They are one of the leaders according to the results of its work in 2018.

Innovation activity:

Continuing vocational education is realized through the formation of a multi-level structure of training within the walls of one university, which allows students and schoolchildren to design for themselves a variety of individual trajectories of professional development by integrating various levels of training and educational programs. The system consists of kindergarten - school of Olympic reserve - college of Olympic reserve - high education institution

The institute is the only high education institution that has a specialization on the development of national kinds of sports of Russia