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Qurban & Surraya Educational Trust is an Educational Trust, which aims at providing the best quality education at the lowest possible cost. It is situated on Walton Road and caters for the needs of the local locality. People of Walton area belong to lower middle class or lower class.

Aims & Purposes of our Institution:

  • To provide good quality education to all and to prepare them to become good humans so that they can take an effective role in personal, national and international development.
  • To provide free education to all orphans and needy.
  • To provide free in service teacher training to all our staff and to offer the programme to teachers of other schools, nationally.
  • To help parents, especially mothers to learn and develop various skills e.g. child development.
  • To screen children’s’ eyes and to prevent them suffering from serious eye problems e.g. amblyopia.

Our Mission Statement

We believe in providing the best quality of education to all our pupils irrespective of their background and educating pupils to produce confident youngsters who are able to take up a variety of roles in our rapidly changing society and to have a self-esteem and a pride in their own culture and religion. We also aim to equip our youngsters with skills and universal values that will enable them to live in harmony with the rest of the world.

Brief History of the Institution

The schools & college working under the trust are situated on Walton rd and cater for the needs of the local community. People of Walton area belong to lower middle or lower class. The average income of a family in Walton is Rs10000 per month. Qurban girls’ school was established in 1980 to educate the girls of the area. The school started with two teachers and about thirty pupils. Within a year the school attracted 300 pupils and the teachers kept on increasing. The school was registered with the board of intermediate and secondary education in 1982.

In 1990 due to the popular demand of the residents of Walton the school was raised to college level and was called ‘Qurban girls higher secondary school’. A new Principal was appointed for the college section and a new building was constructed for them. The popularity of the school due to its results increased and in 1992 the school had to be separated into a junior and a senior school. The college started teaching degree classes and was given the status of ‘Qurban Degree College’ by the Punjab University. The junior school used to cater for the boys up till class 5th and then they had to look for other alternatives. The parents always insisted on the management to open up a boys’ school. Due to lack of space and insistence of parents a secondary school was set up which became so popular that the trust had to buy some land at the back and ‘Qurban boys school ‘came into existence, which was registered with board of intermediate and secondary education in 2001.

The trust has successfully opened a junior English medium branch in which Modern British Education system in context with Islamic culture has been introduced and is now successfully providing excellent education.

Mr Qurban Ali worked in England for 18 years and set up a Trust in 1993 with his own assets calling it ‘Qurban & Surraya Educational Trust’ and was declared Waqful Allah which means that there are no beneficiaries and all income will be spent on Educational purposes and establishing new schools. The schools and the college have been put under the management of the trust and all income goes into the trust account and is spent according to the trust rules.

The trust has set up a fund and all orphans and needy not only get free education but are given free books and uniform as well. Scholarship is awarded to pupils who top the class.

A governing body was set up to help manage the trust. One member from each section of the schools and college and four external community representatives are members of the governing body. The governors decide the important matters like schedules of curricular and extracurricular activities, dismissal of pupils and staff (in case of misconduct and incompetency), pay scale, and rules and regulations of the schools and college. After the launch of QS learning, QS training has been launched in London in 2016. It has been providing workshops for training purposes free of cost but now plans for income are being formalized.