Achva Academic College: Changing the Landscape Achva Academic College - a hub where students minded towards maximizing their potential, and the potential of southern Israel, study mathematics, science, humanities, teaching, and more. Our 3,200 students represent a multicultural cross section of Israeli society, and reflect the inclusivity and diversity of the Achva environment. Achva is surrounded by established kibbutzim and moshavim. The first Israeli Bedouin city, Rahat, is nearby, and Beer Sheva, the capital of the Negev, is an hour away. Achva graduates with a degree in math teaching are reputedly the best in the field. The unique phenomenon of studying math, and studying teaching math, makes this possible by a balance of courses offered by our School of Sciences in conjunction with the School of Education. With this winning hand of cards, Achva should soon gain the reputation for educating and training the best science teachers in Israel too. The School for Master's Degrees at Achva offers degrees in fields of education which will further enrich the public education system. As courses in agrotech, sustainability, and plans for a greenhouse move forward, the Achva sciences program prepares students for careers in critical fields for the future. Vision: Achva Academic College aims to be the game changer for southern Israel. By channeling academic assets into agrotech and sustainability, hi-tech, education, teaching math and science, Achva is contributing to the national agenda for shared civil society. Constantly developing academic programs and new initiatives at Achva Academic College are contributing to the social, economic, health and employment needs of the region. Other proposed programs recently approved or awaiting approval by the Planning and Budget Committee affiliated with the Council for Higher Education correspond with national priorities, particular needs in the Negev, and the character of the student population at Achva: masters' degrees in audiology and speech therapy, culture-sensitive clinical psychology, neuropedagogy, rehabilitative psychology, educational psychology, sociology of health, and bachelors' degrees in nursing, medical laboratory science, paramedical sciences, software and information systems engineering, art education, and more. Mission: Achva Academic College offers students educational opportunities which lead to fulfilling professional careers that contribute to Israel's future, and theirs. Shared Israeli Hope initiated by President of Israel, Reuven Rivlin, speaks of hope for all Israeli citizens - secular Jews, national religious Jews, Arabs, and Haredi ultra-Orthodox Jews. Achva is an active partner in this presidential venture. Our academic, research and extracurricular agenda aim to advance this initiative. Social responsibility: The entire Achva community contributes to the environment. Community involvement is required in various courses. Students assume social responsibility and become committed to lifelong volunteering and giving back to the community. As a public college, Achva receives its accreditation and a share of its funding from the Council for Higher Education and its affiliate Planning and Budget Committee.