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The Kazakh Academy of Sport and Tourism (KazAST) is a recognized center for the training of scientific and pedagogical personnel in physical culture, sports, tourism, restaurant business and hotel business.

The KazAST is the legal successor of the Kazakh Institute of Physical Culture, which was organized in 1944, and in 1998 was reorganized into the Kazakh Academy of Sport and Tourism. Today, the Academy is a modern university of the country, where all conditions for quality training of specialists and professional growth of the teaching staff.

The Academy has a continuing education system: college - university - master's degree - doctorate. The educational process is carried out on credit technology training. Academy is a developer state educational standards in the specialties of the university. On the basis of KazAST the Republican educational and methodical sections of the educational programs "Physical Culture and Sport" and "Tourism" function.

On the basis of the Academy in 2004, 2009, 2014, it was held one of the largest forums of sports science - the International Scientific Congress "Olympic Sport and Sport for All", and in 2017 - the World Conference of FISU, which affirms the recognition of the merits and authority of the KazAST by world sports and the scientific community. Students-athletes of the Academy form the basis of the Kazakhstan student team and today are among the 20 strongest student sports teams in the world.

Dozens of graduates of Kazakh Academy of Sports and Tourism have become world champions and winners of continental championships, both in command and individual sports, Olympic and non-Olympic types of programs