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Academy of Rock (AOR) is Singapore's award-winning pioneer Rock and Pop music school dedicated to teaching popular music. Opened in 2007, the founder noticed a surplus and bias towards classical music education and a lack of holistic, structured popular music education in the industry. AOR has since made its mark in the industry and continues to improve its services and curriculum while initiating new ideas and approaches to teaching popular music. The school's motto, "Never Too Early, Never Too Late", encapsulates their belief in learning being a lifelong journey. Their vision is of a diverse musical landscape, where everyone from any background can come together to celebrate difference and experience music as a universal force to be reckoned with. Offering individual and duo classes for guitars, bass, drums, vocals, keys and more, the school has their own in-house syllabus and have developed their own exams known as the AOR Exams. They also provide an abundance of performance and internship opportunities for students as well as yearly non-profit activities.

No one is a stranger at AOR: Their student demographic covers a diverse range of people - from toddlers to the elderly and even those with Special Educational Needs (SEN). Catering to every age group and level of musical experience, they match each musician who walks through our door with a member of their team of well-trained instructors to cultivate their students unique talents and help them grow to their fullest potential. Whether you are a trained professional seeking to refine your craft or a hobbyist looking for a new creative outlet, AOR wants you to feel at home with them. With a passionate yet realistically driven team, AOR hopes to establish itself as a global institution to give a platform for both students and staff to excel in music in and beyond the classroom - be it even as a music educator or entertainer.