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Geographical position of the County in Republic of Croatia and southwest Europe, is strategic due to 6 road and 2 railway border crossings what contributes to traffic frequency of the County. County borders with Varaždin County and Republic of Slovenia on the north, Zagreb County and the Town of Zagreb on the south, Republic of Slovenia on the west and Zagreb County and Varaždin County on the East.

Krapina Zagorje county is positioned on the crossroad of main traffic routs, Phyrn traffic route (state marking D1, highway A2, European marking E59) which goes through the whole County and represent the integral part of northwest entrance/exit of Republic of Croatia and the road Budapest – Varaždin – Zagreb – Rijeka (highwayA4, European marking E65).

Main achievements in 2017-2018:

  • Establishment of Energy Efficiency Centre Bračak
  • Establishment of WBAF Croatia Office
  • Excellence in continental tourism (award for best continental destination in Croatia)
  • Public investments boom – over 13,3 million EUR projects in implementation and over 66,6 million EUR projects in development
  • Development of regional entrepreneurial programmes that result in 17,6 million EUR private investments and 132 new employment in the County
  • Recognition of public information availability and sharing – Lokalna Hrvatska award
  • Krapina Zagorje County – A Children’s Friendly County

Innovative projects:

  • Establishment of Energy Centre Bračak /3,2 MIO EUR / (http://bracak.croenergy.eu/)
  • Establishment of Entrepreneurial Incubator of Krapina Zagorje County /3,8 MIO EUR/ (https://poduzetnickicentar-kzz.hr/portfolio-item/1422/)
  • Regional Entrepreneurial Credit Line /13,4 MIO EUR/
  • Promotion of deficitary occupations in Krapina Zagorje County /250.000,00 EUR)
  • BALTAZAR IV /1,3 MIO EUR/ Ensuring personal learning astistants in elementary and high schools in Krapina Zagorje Conty for children with disabilities
  • LUMEN / 130.000,00 EUR/ Contributing to the environment for gifted pupils in elementary and high schools in Krapina Zagorje County
  • Establishment of Regional Centre of Competences in Hospitality and Tourism Zabok /10,6 MIO EUR/
  • Establishment of Science and Edutainment Centre Zagorje / 16,6 MIO EUR/
  • Introducing energy efficiency measures in order to establish Energy Efficient Schools in Krapina Zagorje County/7,7 MIO EUR/

Participation in national, international exhibitions and competitions, congresses:

  • Participation in World Congress of Angel Investors WBAF 2019 Istanbul 17 - 19 February 2019
  • Participation in International tourism fairs (Berlin, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Munich, etc)
  • Organization of national exhibitions branded under 100% from Zagorje that is every year organized in Zagreb and in Rijeka with the aim of promoting regional producers and their products, as well as the destination

Organization of national entrepreneurial exhibition “Zagorje entrepreneurial fair” every year in Krapina

Participation in professional associations:

Krapina Zagorje County is a member of Assembly of European Regions (AER), Institut der Regionen Europas (IRE) and ALPS-Adriatic Alliance. In cooperation with other member regions, mutual initiatives are being implemented and good practice experiences exchanged by performing international conferences or implementing project activities.

International cooperation:

Participation in international project implementation partnerships for following projects:

  • EE CULTURE / 813.000,00 EUR/ Cross-border cooperation Slovenia- Croatia / preservation of cultural heritage by introducing energy efficient measures
  • REMEDISANUS / 1,1 MIO EUR/ Cross-border cooperation Slovenia- Croatia / nature preservation

E-ENVIPER / 4,1 MIO EUR/  International CIP Programme / modernisation of local and regional environmental permit processes