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Main achievements in 2017-2018:

Initiated a project costing over €2,000,000, to conserve rainwater while addressing the flooding problem in the village's main square and the surrounding streets. This project features: The installation of culverts along the streets surrounding the main square.

The digging of a second reservoir in the village, as per the Local Plan.

The resurfacing of major roads.

The embellishment of the village's main square, including paving and decorative lighting.

Inaugurated an outdoor gym in collaboration with the Youth Local Council - an initiative aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle and exercise amongst all the members of the community.

Obtained EU funding to implement an urban greenery project. This will feature the planting of indigenous tress along the village's main street, and the installation of an adequate irrigation system.

The Mqabba Wall; a cross national artistic project featuring blocks of locally cut globigerina limestone (obtained from one of the village's quarries), that will be sculpted by a different artist yearly. In 2018, the first block was sculpted by the German artists Volker and Jenny Hauswirth. This project was endorsed by the Valletta 2018 Foundation, and was an integral part of the European Capital of Culture's cultural programme.

Participation in national, international exhibitions and competitions, congresses:

In 1998 the King George V Band within the Society of St. Mary and King George V Band Club Mqabba were awarded Les Etoiles d'Or du Jumelage (European Union)