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General Information Neot Hovav Eco Industrial Park is named after the Hovav stream, one of the names of the Biblical figure Jethro, a priest of Midian and Moses' father in-law . Neot Hovav Industrial Park was established in 1975. Bromine Compounds Ltd and Makhteshim Agan Industries Ltd were the first to relocate their factories from Beer-Sheva to Neot Hovav. The local industrial council Neot Hovav was established in 1989. The industrial Park Neot Hovav is located 12 kilometers from Beer-sheva and sized 5863 acres, of which 1976 acres are used and the rest is designated for future industrial factories. Currently there are 36 factories and industrial facilities on site. Neot Hovav local council provides full municipal services for the factories under its jurisdiction and is fully responsible to infrastructure development and public spaces. These responsibilities come in addition to supervision and protection of the environment led by the council. About the council The local-industrial council Neot Hovav, was established in order to regulate and supervise the industrial activity with in the park, and use every possible tool to keep the environment clean and safe. The council provides full municipal services to the factories under its jurisdiction and is responsible over supervising and protecting the environment in addition to infrastructure and public areas development. Supervision and enforcement activity is achieved, among other ways, by providing business licenses and building permits to factories. There are about 50 workers in the local industrial council. Most of them belong to the environmental unit and the operating unit. Other units available in the council are: engineering, finance, human resources, spokesperson and information units. Neot Hovav council acts to implement the correct formula that combines industrial activity while maintaining environmental principals and quality of life in the Negev region. The council's budget, standing on 67 millions NS for the year 2017, is not supported by governmental budgets. All its expenses are financed by the "resident" i.e. the factories under its jurisdiction. In addition to operative budget, the council invests every year additional twenty billion NS in environmental oriented projects and in financing environmental and health surveys and researches. Monitoring activity, conducted by the council is what makes Neot Hovav industrial area the most supervised industrial area in the country, which activates an efficient and advanced system of monitoring and supervision. In addition to its environmental roles, the council also acts in the following areas: The transport of treated waste water and their treatment in evaporating pond (until the construction of factory-based ponds) Monitoring the air, industrial sewage, ground and ground water Pipeline bridges for gases and vapor Mechanical sweeping (both with in the factories and in public areas) Gardening, signposting and environmental development General security and local policing Disposal of dry waste Emergency point