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  • Municipal Mayor of Guadalajara de Buga 2016
  • Manager in charge of the Municipal Institute of Urban Reform IMVIBUGA
  • Secretary of Housing of the Mayor's Office of Buga
  • Secretary of Institutional Development of the Municipality of Buga
  • Three times appointed Mayor in charge of the Municipality of Buga.
  • Administrative Director of the Municipality of Buga
  • Director of the Office of Internal and Disciplinary Control of the Mayor's Office of Buga
  • Director of the Legal Office of the Mayor's Office of Buga
  • Legal Advisor of the Secretariat of Education of the Mayor's Office of Buga


  • Finalist of the 2016-2019 Best Mayors and Governors Award from Colombia Leader, 2019.
  • Best Mayor for affirmative actions developed in favor of women's rights in the “RANKING EL VALLE PARA ELLAS” contest of the Valle del Cauca Governorate, 2018.
  • Best Mayor Emeritus of Sport, Colombian Association of Sports Journalists ACORD Valle, 2019.
  • Ascent to 400 positions in the Municipal Performance Ranking for the good management of public finances and administrative performance, National Planning Department DNP.
  • Maintain the Second Category of the Municipality.
  • Best Mayor for Policies developed in favor of the LGTBI population, LGTBI Executive Body of the Valley.
  • Guadalajara de Buga obtained 2nd place in the Tourism Competitiveness Index, recognition given by the Center for Tourism Thought of Colombia, COTELCO, and UNICAFAM, 2018.
  • Postulated among the 5 best Rulers in Overcoming Extreme Poverty of Colombia Leader, 2018.
  • Winner of the “Wanted Accessible Tourist Destination” award from the Vice Ministry of Commerce and Tourism Industry, 2017.
  • The Ministry of Education highlighted Guadalajara de Buga for the progress in the implementation of the single day in Colombia, 2017.
  • Best Community Mayor of Valle del Cauca, 2016.
  • Achieved the ICONTEC Certification of Guadalajara de Buga as a Sustainable Tourist Destination in 2016.
  • Guadalajara de Buga for two consecutive years in Valle del Cauca achieved second place in Valle del Cauca with an average of 265 points in the ICFES Knowledge Test 11.
  • Guadalajara de Buga achieves a higher average than the national one, with 7 points above the results of the Saber 11 tests, according to the report of the Colombian Institute for the Promotion of Higher Education ICFES.
  • According to the data published by the National Planning Department, the economy of Guadalajara de Buga represented by the different productive and business activities, was the second fastest growing in the Valle del Cauca in the period between 2011 and 2015, comparing the municipalities.
  • The comparison of the Value Added data indicates that Buga's GDP grew 41.6%, between 2011 and 2015, only surpassed by Yumbo with 48.1%, reflecting investor confidence in public policies of development promoted by the different municipal administrations focused on taking advantage of the competitive advantages of the territory.
  • Guadalajara de Buga according to the National Planning Department is a leader in closing social gaps in Valle del Cauca, the first municipality in Valle del Cauca in terms of secondary education by 61.2%.
  • Guadalajara de Buga for being an environmentally friendly tourist destination made the Tourism Quality Institute of Spain deliver the Q for Tourism Quality
  • Made the investment of more than $ 20 billion pesos in Educational Infrastructure works in the municipality
  • Best Municipal Sports Entity, Terraco de Oro, INDER Valle Sports Department Institute.
  • Replacement of 25 animal traction vehicles.
  • Following the global trend of sustainable cities, it renewed Public Lighting by changing all of the SODIO luminaires for LED technology luminaires.
  • The Historic Center of Buga was a reference for the preparation of the Guide for the Protection of Historic Centers of the Organization of Ibero-American States and the Office of the Attorney General.
  • Creation of the Bugueño de Oro Life Center in which 150 older adults receive permanent attention to health, recreation, transportation, nutrition and healthy lifestyles
  • During their period of government they created the Public Policies of Rural Development, Afro-descendant, Communal, Inhabitant of the Street, Senior Adult, Mental Health, Culture, Street Lighting.
  • Creation and endowment of 10 Houses of Popular Culture Where more than 15,000 children and young people receive artistic training with free drawing and painting classes, music, folk dance, modern dance and performing arts in urban and rural areas.
  • Transformed the Landscape Round of the Guadalajara River, with the remodeling of the Bio-healthy Park of La Merced, the Linear Park of Aures and the extension of the Linear park and 1sur Street.
  • After 10 years the Ministry of Health and Social Protection categorized without tax and financial risk the Divino Niño Hospital, public health entity of the municipality.
  • The Divine Child Hospital was rated as the second best hospital in the country according to the AI-Hospital application of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection.

Guadalajara de Buga is a Municipality with 127,545 inhabitants, which has administrative efficiency, certification in tourism and accessibility and many achievements.

Its territory has two zones, the Flat Zone on the banks of the Cauca River and the Mountainous Zone in the Central Cordillera; its heights range from 969 meters above sea level to 4,210 meters above sea level in the Paramo de las Hermosas.

Guadalajara de Buga is one of the 42 cities in the department of Valle del Cauca that is located in the center of the east, 350 km from the Capital of the Country and 126 km from the Main Port of our nation – Buenaventura.

Religious Destination With the Basilica of the Lord of Los Milagros, sustainable tourism (certified by ICONTEC), we have the Sonso Lagoon declared a Ramsar site and a wetland of international importance, our municipality has the largest aquifer in the Department of the Valley, our Guadalajara River fed by extensions of watersheds and micro-watersheds protected by more than 2000 hectares that have been acquired by the mayor's office for the good of our river and the inhabitants.

Economic activity.

The tourism sector is highly developed and has good infrastructure that welcomes the large influx of tourists and pilgrims to the centenary Basilica where the image of the Miraculous Christ is venerated, in addition to the natural attractions, the colonial architecture, fairs and festivals and Cultural events In the Bugueña industry, glassware, the production of animal concentrates, oils and fats and coffee stand out. In culinary it is very well known the white delicacy of Bugueño, the snacks, the sponge cakes, the molasses, sweets of guavas, guava sandwich, sweet cut, unmarked, alfeñiques, moscorrofios, mel-cochas among other delicacies.