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Belsh Municipality is in the Dumrea region of Albania and is distinguished by the large number of lakes and an attractive landscape. The region spans over an area of 21,500 hectares and is home to 85 karst lakes that cover an area of 640 hectares. The biggest lakes are Merhoje, Cestinja, Dega, and Seferan. In the western part of the region, Seferan Lake was home to a sanctuary dedicated to Venus. To the east lies Mount Gradishta, and archaeological excavations have been found that supports the theory that an ancient Illyrian settlement inhabited the region as early as bronze age. The city is 30 km southwest of Elbasan, and 60 km from the country’s capital of Tirana. Belsh has a population of 14,000 inhabitants, and as a municipality, it has 33,000 inhabitants. Agriculture is the main source of income among residents who specialize in products such as tobacco, saffron, oregano, and olives.