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Tropojë is a municipality in Kukës county in northern Albania near the border with Kosovo. It was formed at the 2015 local government reform by the merger of the former municipalities Bajram Curri, Bujan, Bytyç, Fierzë, Lekbibaj, Llugaj, Margegaj and Tropojë, that became municipal units. The seat of the municipality is the town of  Bajram Curri.

Archaeological evidence found in the area, such as castles or tumuli show that the area was populated since the ancient time. The region lies in the geographical span of the Dardanii tribes.

Tropojë was founded by the Berisha tribe and was the center of the commercial trade from the east (Kosovo Vilayet) to the west (Scutari Vilayet) in order to get imported products from the Adriatic Sea. One of the principal trade commodities was salt, which was exchanged for agricultural products. Having this geographical importance, Tropojë was the center of the former highlands of the famous and old city of Gjakova. Tropojë e Vjetër is also the name of a pass, which goes through the mountains, where the people from all over this region go during the summer to relax, and to have access in the green fields with their cattle. In modern times, these highlands attract tourists, especially those from Europe and Israel.

Main achievements in 2017-2018:

Approval of the Local Development Plan; Significantly improved water supply; Significant improvement of road infrastructure and irrigation system.

Municipality of Tropoje is mostly interested to invest in tourism as long as it is part of Peaks of Balkans. The Alps are the most wonderful and unique in Europe (impressions of many tourists). Also, Tropojë is very rich in minerals such as: chrome, bauxite, etc. According to fruits, Tropoje has the biggest forest of chestnuts in Balkan and the these chestnuts are the best (Numerous studies have shown that chestnuts in this area are larger and sweeter than other local chestnuts. And if you add them, natural forests, organic produce, and the freshness of the Alps where they grow, undoubtedly makes them even more unique in taste)

International cooperation:

Actually, Municipality of Tropoje collaborates with Municipality of Gjakove in Kosovo; with Municipality of Plave in Montenegro.