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The strategic objectives and priorities for development of the town of Smyadovo, and the municipality of Smyadovo, and the measures for their achievement are in line with the other strategic documents at European, national and regional level.

Vision of Smyadovo Municipality is a region with developed local economy, modern agriculture and livestock breeding, well-established technical and social infrastructure, creating conditions for sustainable development.

Main objective: To overcome the negative trends in the demographic and economic aspect, by improving the conditions for development of the local economy by improving the technical and social infrastructure

Strategic goals:

  1. Sustainable development of Smyadovo Municipality by building of technical infrastructure, protection and restoration of the environment
  2. Achieving sustainable economic growth by promoting local potential and enhancing the quality of education
  3. Improving the quality of life by creating conditions for effective employment, social inclusion, accessible and quality health care, culture and sport


Priority 1: Integrated construction of a new and modernization of the existing infrastructure of the municipality to improve the territorial connectivity and access of the public services

The development and modernization of the infrastructure is of crucial importance for increasing the investment attractiveness and competitiveness of the Smyadovo municipality.

Priority 2: Reduction of disproportions in the development of the settlement system, development of small settlements

Priority 3: Economic revival and development of the municipality, promotion of entrepreneurship and investment

Priority 4: Improving the quality of education

Priority 5: Improve quality of life, increase employment, income, retention of young people

Priority 6: Improving quality and access to public services

Priority 7: Improving the institutional environment for higher efficiency of public services for citizens and businesses


Total amount of projects, which the Municipality of Smiadovo has developed, fulfilled, and successfully completed, for the period 2011-2018, is more than 61. Total amount of investments are more than 10,000,000.00 BGN.

In the period 2017-2018, some of projects, which were implemented:

The project "Ensuring hot lunch - 2016 in municipality Smyadovo"

The project “Providing innovative social services for active involvement in Municipality of Smyadovo”

The project"Quality care for a dignified life in Municipality Smyadovo"

The project: “Social Inclusion of Children in the Municipalities of Smyadovo and Vetrino”

The project: "Care for you, will take together"